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Over the past 3 years, we have developed over 100 conceptual illustrations for one of our clients, Clohesy Consulting. The organizational development firm is owned and operated by Stephanie Clohesy, an expert in national and international non-profit institutions. Stephanie's role to her clients involves high level, conceptual and strategic recommendations, which help the organizations create and sustain favorable changes. She relies on Illustrated Point to illustrate her concepts, which provide to her clients deeper understanding about her concepts.

Chrysalis Foundation
Community Clinic Leaders
Dallas Women's Foundation
The Kellogg Foundation
Girls Best Friend
Hong Kong Women's Foundation
HER Fund - Hong Kong
Mama Cash - Amsterdam
New Field Foundation
Nokomis Foundation
Philanthropic Collaborative for Integrative Medicine
Sister Fund
Sustainable Agriculture & Food System Funders
Tides Foundation
Ukrainian Women's Foundation
Wheat Trust
Women's Foundation of California
Women's Funding Network

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